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Coming Soon

These dogs are currently in their foster homes preparing for their forever homes! Whether it is medical care or training, they are not quite ready to be adopted just yet.

It's Raining Puppies!

No sooner had our small rescue taken in the 5 malnourished pups and gotten them on the way to healing, 4 new pups arrived positive for Parvo. Luckily (and through the amazing care of the staffs at Metairie Small Animal Hospital and Abadie's Veterinary Clinic), all of these 4 red female pups made it through and are currently in foster care to continue their journey to adoption. Although not quite ready, they will be soon. If interested, get your apps in. We'll have more information on them individually soon! 


Meet The Puppies

In the sweltering heat of a South Louisiana Summer, five tiny and emaciated puppies showed up at CAA in Baton Rouge.They have doberman-like colors/markings - so GCDR got the call. We looked at them through a window, and we honestly were not sure if they are dobermans at all. What we are sure of is that they are in a terrible situation. The shelter is overloaded, these pups need medical care - leaving them there could be down to life or death for some of them. We decided to pull them into the rescue despite our breed questions. We don’t know what they are - MinPins, German Pinschers, Dobermans, all of the above? They are so emaciated, it is impossible to tell. We are having their DNA tested. Whatever they turn out to be will be OK with us. We will take care of their needs and find them homes.

We have five pups, one female and four males. Two of the smaller pups are not doing well, and are currently hospitalized for respiratory infections with one of them requiring a blood transfusion. Our vet bills are going to be tremendous. Why would we pull dogs into rescue knowing all of this? Simply because it is the right thing to do. These puppies deserve a shot at life, and the amazing shelter workers at CAA need a victory to keep them going in overwhelming circumstances. We have most of what we need to rehab these pups. We have experienced foster parents ready to provide groceries and love. What we don’t have is money to put toward veterinary care. Donations toward their vet care will be sincerely appreciated. We'll post updates on how they are doing (and those DNA results). If you may be interested in adopting one of these pups when they are ready, please get your applications in now.  UPDATE: The puppies are doing great, and 4 of the 5 have been adopted! 

Meet Toby and Rosie. Toby certainly should have been named Batman with his most excellent big ears and masked face. Rosie is a sweet albino girl, the result of an unethical breeding. I'm sure she has brought with her a lot of increased health risks associated with albinism, but she sure seems to have a very nice temperament. Thank you to the people who advocated for them and kept them safe until they could reach us. Another big thank you to the volunteers who drove long distances to get them to our vet. They are currently being vetted before they go into foster homes, but get your apps in now for when they are ready for their forever homes!

UPDATE: Toby is now listed for adoption! Please see him on our adoptable dogs page! 

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