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The Albino Doberman Controversy

In 1980 DPCA (Doberman Pinscher Club of America) was notified of a breeder that produced two"white" dobermans- the first ever they had ever seen. One look at the puppies and they knew they had a BIG problem that had to be squelched immediately. They spent over a year with petitions being signed all over the country asking to put a disqualification in the Standard for unallowable colors.  They also wanted DPCA to go to AKC (American Kennel Club) to withdraw the registrations. By then several more litters were whelped with more “whites” in these litters.  The colony of these mutations were increased by about ten including the littermates who were carrying the gene.  Since most of these breedings were large litters, the numbers became staggering in a relatively short time, making it a very huge issue.

We get many questions and even arguments, that these dobermans are not albino, but are white or leucitic. Unfortunately this is false information given by breeders who are on board with this "new fad" of a different color. Sweet Aspen, pictured to the left, was a rescue from Dobie Ranch Rescue, her owner, Amy, is also a board member for GCDR and spreads education about albinos. With all of the recent questions regarding these dogs on what color they actually are, Amy brought it upon her self to do a genetic test to prove that indeed, Aspen is albino. These tests are relatively inexpensive.

Aspen DNA Testing Day.jpg
Aspen DNA Test (2).jpg

What if I already have an Albino or I want to own one?

If you already own an Albino Doberman or are looking to own one, please make sure you are prepared to tailor your life (and bank account) around a special needs pup. Knowledge is power and folks interested in these special dogs need to understand living with an albino is not the same as living with a blue or fawn Doberman. Living with an albino Doberman is not similar to life with a blue-eyed Husky or fair-skinned person. Sun is their enemy and they commonly have many health issues develop as they age because of too much unprotected exposure such as skin tumors. Limit their exposure outside to the sun, and if they do go out, provide them with doggy sunglasses as they do have photosensitivity, and a sweater or jacket to protect their skin as they can also sunburn. Albino dobermans not only have health issues, but they are predisposed to temperament issues as well.


We would never recommend breeding these albino dogs OR purchasing them from a breeder. Many Albino Dobermans end up in rescue. If you find yourself drawn to them, please do the breed a service and adopt one from a reputable non-profit rescue group in your area. It is best to never, under any circumstances, purchase a puppy from an Albino breeder. Every dollar that enters their hand and every dog they successfully find a home for, only further encourages them to continue breeding these poor animals. Many dogs just like Aspen & Luna need homes all over the United States.


We need to label this genetic mutation correctly to hopefully stop intentional "white" Doberman breedings, stop folks from supporting these unethical breeders by buying them and educate owners already sharing their lives with Albino Dobermans. 


While we have decided to post  pictures of two beautiful Albino Dobermans who are well cared for by their owners and adopted, there is also an unfortunate side to those albinos that are neglected or the owners are not educated in caring for them. Here are just a few pictures of these dogs from different doberman rescues.

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